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The after-sale service team is introduced

Huitong company technology engineering: is company engaged in project bidding, project design, planning, product development with the department. Existing senior technical personnel titles two, intermediate technical title five, ten, engineers, technicians more than 20 of air compressor system evaluation, selection of equipment, air quality, selected for the screw air compressor design research and development with their own unique idea, have many patent certificate, the main work are: 1, formulate and implement piping engineering, power distribution engineering, after-sale service and other schemes, 2, formulate and implement energy control, heat recovery plan, 3, according to ISO8573 evaluation system requirements, assessment of the compressed air equipment quality, equipment operation and power, fluid mechanics, planning and design, 4, air pressure equipment and multiple energy saving scheme effective evaluation and improvement suggestion; 

Huitong the after-sale service department: the existing JiShi, technicians more than 20, 24 hours standby for processing company product after-sales maintenance, repair services, mainly work are: 1, xinji commissioning test, regular inspection and maintenance, 2, general maintenance and emergency maintenance services, 3, regular prevention maintenance and maintenance service contract, 4 years maintenance overhaul, machine, etc. 

The two departments adhering to the "integrity, technology create value determined quality and service to bring added value of" the spirit of enterprise, for your dedicated service. 


After-sales service reception centre 
The after sale service ready 
The after sale service ready 
The after sale service ready 


24 hours after sale service hotline:400-666-5496

After-sales service commitment: 12
1. The initiative to remind, greetings
2. Accessories price transparency
3. One to one consultant services
4. Professional maintenance training
5. Rapid maintenance
6. Lifetime maintenance equipment maintenance
7. Routine check every month
8. To provide emergency aid service 24 hours a day, the time in your side to ensure all production needs
9. Door-to-door delivery installation, commissioning, to ensure the normal operation of the machine
10. Free for customers to establish after-sales maintenance and maintenance of the database
11. Supporting sales air dryer, storage tank, high-efficient precise filter and SMC full-automatic series
12. As for customers and pressure vessel pressure pipeline system, engineering approval, inspection, rush


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