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TOKA(Ultra-High Card) Screw Machine Instructions

一, air compressor shall be installed in a cool, clean, well-ventilated place to ensure that the inhaled air compressor clean and minimal moisture content. Inhaled air does not allow the compressor containing flammable gases and corrosive gases, so as not to cause an explosion or internal corrosion. 

二, check whether all parts of the connection due to transportation, installation resulting in the occurrence of loose parts, oil spills and other phenomena. Such as pipe fittings, instrumentation fittings, connectors and other circuit line, if found loose or fall off, to be immediately required to join well. 
三, removal of the base number of red transport bracket. 
四, according to the product of the electrical schematic circuit and ground connected. Access to three-phase power (380V, 50HZ), the test voltage is correct, three-phase power supply is correct. Power lines to guide the compressor and its power must be matched and installed air switch, fuse and other safety devices. 
五, view of the oil through the oil separator tank in the microscopic examination of the adequacy of oil, as required to maintain normal oil level (oil immersion boot up the bottom three-fifths of the total oil). Need to add oil, you must add the special designated screw compressor lubricants, different brands, different manufacturers use mixed brands of lubricants is strictly prohibited, otherwise it would cause a major accident caused by the system set-focus. 
六, if more than six months after the factory was used, should remove the air intake control valve, the inlet from the host to join 0.5kg with grade lubricating oil, and turn the compressor by hand the number of turn, so as not to start with because the compressor does not cause long-term loss of hosts oil burning. Removing the intake control valve, the non-host debris falling into the compressor chamber! Remember! 
七, check the belt tension. Provisions can not be higher than the compressor discharge pressure plate to work, otherwise it will lead to motor overload and burnout. 
八, open the valve at the compressor outlet. 
九, the red emergency stop button clockwise rotation of 90 ℃, enter the start state, and then press the start button, instant start the compressor, the compressor turned to double-check whether the rotation direction of the arrow, if it turned right, press the red emergency stop button, change in any three-phase two-phase power line location, again verified, before entering the next step, otherwise it will damage the compressor. 
十, the start and after the motor reaches the rated speed, the check screen is normal, and check for abnormal noise occurs and, if failure should immediately stop excluded. If everything is normal, the machine continues to run the working pressure gradually increased from zero to the rated working pressure, and continue to observe the controller display is normal, if any abnormal noise, vibration, oil spills, air leakage should immediately stop checking. 
十一, the compressor in use, the class regularly check the controller parameters, record operating conditions, maintenance services for future reference. 
十二, to avoid the frequent downtime starts. In addition to start and stop frequently for special occasions, but the compressor commissioning / use the process to avoid frequent start and stop, especially under high pressure immediately started. Each stop / start time between best meet the 5 minutes. 
十三, normal shutdown delay after pressing the OFF button to stop. (Non-emergency cases, to prohibit direct press the red stop button or directly off the power). 
十四, when the compressor is in a remote control, the machine may start at any time, should be listed to remind; and in front of the unit should be recognized that no one, and check for remaining items and tools, and the unit door; turn around the unit should be notified personnel safety. 
十五, compressor maintenance and repair must be carried out under the guidance of qualified personnel, compressed air and electrical appliances are dangerous, repair or maintenance should recognize the power has been cut off and hung in the power at the "repair" or "prohibiting the opening illustrates "and other warning signs to prevent transmission to others together illustrates damage. 
    Warning: The compressor should be fixed personnel to operate, the operator should read and understand the contents of this note, follow the manual of procedures and safety precautions and maintenance practices. Breach of security precautions all behavior could have serious consequences. 
    Anomaly is found, please call the service hotline :400 -666-5496
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