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TOKA Screw Air Compressor Maintenance

一、The main components of the regular maintenance and maintenance:
For normal and reliable air compressor to run, to ensure the unit's life, need to formulate a detailed maintenance plan, perform set operations people, scheduled maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, the air compressor to keep clean, no oil, no dirt.
Maintenance of main components with reference to the following table:

Inspection or replacement cycle (h) hours
Air Filter Element
Remove surface dust and impurities
The amount of visible dust extend or shorten the working conditions of
Replaced with new filter
Intake valve seals
Check or replace seals
Compressor lubricant
Replaced with new oil
Oil filter
Replaced with new parts
The first 500 hours
Oil separator
Replaced with new parts
Minimum pressure valve
Check the opening pressure
Cooler dust
Remove surface dust and heat
Extended or shortened depending on conditions
Safety valve
Check whether the action sensitive
Oil drain valve
Discharge water, dirt
Drive belt
Adjust the tightness of
Extend or shorten according to wear
Check the wear and tear or replacement
Electric motor
Motor lubrication
Maintenance manual or motor
Note :
A. According to the table when the maintenance and replacement parts must be determined: air pressure within the system have been released, and other stressors have been separated from the main circuit switch has been disconnected, and has allowed the closing of the security identity to do 。
B. Replacement of compressor oil cooling time depends on the environment, humidity, dust and air if there is acid gas. Air compressor for the first time the newly acquired 500 hours of operation shall be replaced with new oil, after the normal oil change every 2500-3000hours to replace a run of less than 3,000 hours in the machine should be replaced annually.
C. Oil filter at the first boot 500 hours of operation must be replaced, the secondreplacement in the use of 2500 hours, after every 2500-3000 hours according to the normal replacement time.
D. Repair and replacement of air filter or intake valve when the compressor keep in mind to prevent any debris falling into the host cavity. Will host the entrance when closed, the operation is completed by hand after a few laps host rotation direction of rotation, to determine without any obstruction, to boot.
E. Each machine runs at 2000 hours the tightness of the belt should be checked, if thepartial belt loose, need to be adjusted (see labels diagram inside the machine) until thebelt tensioner and spring work to date; to protect the belt, in the process need to prevent the belt scrapped due to oil contamination.
F. Every oil change, they should also replace the oil filter.
G. Please use our original parts, otherwise the resulting machine accident, the Company is not responsible.
二、 Clean cooler
  Each compressor is running around 2000h, cooling the surface to remove dust, take the fan bracket on the cooler lid open purge hole, with blowing dust on the cooler to purge air gun, heat up the surface of dust blowing clean. If the cooling surface of the dirt is stillserious, difficult to purge and clean, the cooler can be removed, pour the oil cooler andfour closed to prevent dirt entering the import and export, and then use compressed air toblow dust or water on both sides rinse, and finally drying the surface of the water damage.Back in place.
Remember! Do not use iron scrape dirt brush and other hard objects to avoid damage tothe radiator surface.       
三、 Condensate
Moisture from the air may condense in the gas separation tank, especially in wetweather, when the exhaust temperature is lower than the air pressure dew point orcooling down, there will be more condensed water precipitates. Oil contains too muchmoisture will cause the oil emulsion, which affect the safe operation, such as:
--- Resulting in poor lubrication compressor host ;
--- Deterioration of oil and gas separation, oil and gas separator pressure larger ;
--- Corrosion caused by mechanical 。
Therefore, the situation should be developed according to humidity condensatedischarge schedule.
Condensate discharge method :
The machine should be shut down, oil and gas separation tank without pressure,adequate cooling, precipitated condensation water is fully carried out, such as the morning before starting.
① Screw the oil separator tank at the bottom of the ball before the screw plug.
② Open the valve slowly drain until the oil outflow, close ball valve.
③ screw before the screw plug on the ball.
四、 Safety valve:
Valve before it is set in the whole factory, we do not advocate unauthorized users toadjust the safety valve. If it proves necessary adjustments, should be in the local laborsecurity department or the Company under the guidance of maintenance personnel,otherwise the result of that all the consequences, the Company is not responsible.
五, maintenance suggestions:
For general users, we provide a number of compressor maintenance recommendations, the user can refer to the implementation.
① week:
a. Check whether the abnormal noise and leakage unit;
b check the meter reading is correct;
c. Check the temperature display is normal.
② month:
a. Check whether the machine has rust, loose place, where corrosion is rust or oil paint,loose at the tightened;
b. condensate.
③ every three months:
a. Clear and cooler outer surface of the fan cover, fan at the dust;
b. filling oil in the motor bearings;
c. Check the hoses for aging, cracking phenomenon;
d. Check electrical components, clean the electrical control box.
六, the compressor oil fill
In operation, the compressor oil level should be kept to a minimum and maximum oil level between oil and more will affect the separation efficiency, oil-less lubrication andcooling will affect the machine performance, oil change, if the oil level falls below the minimum oil, lubricating oil should be added, is:
① complete shut-down pressure release (to confirm the system without pressure), pull down the power switch.
② Open the gas separation tank on the fuel filler, add the right amount of coolinglubricant.
③ the normal operation of the machine after the oil change time see the periodic maintenance table.
Please use my company-specific environmental cooling screw compressor oil.
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