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      shenzhen huitong Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, has over ten years, sales of mature R & D company, the company employs more than 120.
      The company designs, sales of major products: TOKA ® Brand screw air compressor, air compressor Atlas, KNA PSA Nitrogen Generator, PSA PSA high-purity nitrogen device, KOB after PSA oxygen equipment, high pressure piston compressor, oil-free air compressor, tank, refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, filters and other equipment; design and manufacturing: do not burn oil Power companies do not burn hot water works, the sales of pneumatic equipment plumbing, power distribution engineering program planning and implementation. TOKA ® Air Compressor China in 2007 was named the top ten recognized quality brand.
      The company now has a General Manager's Office, Finance Department, Administration Department, Ministry of contracts, marketing, technical engineering services department, branches all over the Pearl River Delta. Huitong who uphold the "integrity value, technology to determine the quality, value-added services to bring" the spirit of enterprise, the company will continue to improve and introduce advanced technology, in order that the company's products, technology continues to maintain a leading position, always grasp the needs of users and satisfaction and dedication to provide our customers with quality products and best service. First-class quality, first-class service, first-class team who won wide acclaim in the market.
      We believe that people in terms of investment scale Huitong, production and sales output value and so are your trusted partner.


General Manager Mr. Wan Lei:45 Years , Shenzhen people , Bachelor degree 。 In the compressor industry for 21 years, successfully created a JAGUAR, JUCAI two brands, there is a very rich theoretical and practical ability 。


Wan Xuewen:

30Years, Secondary education , Trained at Tsinghua University in 2006, Shenzhen Branch. In the compressor industry for 11 years and is currently the assistant general manager.

Life motto: Experience is important; pilot is very important; summary is very important; change is more important 。


Hua Jianping:

27Years, Bachelor degree,Jiujiang University jiangxi 。 5 years in the air compressor industry, influential in e-commerce, e-commerce is currentlymanager of the company.

Life motto: Moral decisions contacts, the ability to determine positions, decided to rewardperformance, attitude development.


Xu Fumin:

28Years, College degree ,Jiangxi Electric Power Institute。 Engaged in air compressor industry for 5 years, the sales manager of the company.

Life motto: Powerful enterprises are using organizational system of enterprise competitive intelligence to make money; organization system is the competition of wisdom.


Zhao Yajun:

29Years, High school diploma。 Engaged in air compressor industry for 6 years, currently the company manager in Huizhou office.

Life motto: Cautious and conservative, development without disintegration.


Li   Jun :

31Years,Secondary education 。 In the general equipment industry has 10 years of experience, engaged in air compressor industry for 5 years, currently the company manager in Dongguan office.

Life motto: A successful leader should not only"," have to" guide".

  Company logo connotation of Huitong

——A total force of individual and group effort to push swing phase relative to each other are combined in the universe to attract a functional of the total force。

—— Functional recovery arising from the body, "centrifugal", "the heart" of power, so the"gravity" drawing together million class, "gravity" drawing together and run the planetEarth Ji Zhu endless.

—— Its reasoning is not easy, can pass Wan Hui. The only power of the desert world view ofthe universe ears! This is the "huitong" Interpretation


Together, said Huitong product trademark TOKA®

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