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 营业执照-汇通机电  国税税务登记证业-汇通机电 地税税务登记证-汇通机电
 Business License  Business Tax Tax Registration Certificate Rent tax registration certificate
 组织机构代码-汇通机电  开户许可证-汇通机电  荣获中国质量公认十大知名品牌-汇通机电
 Organization Code Opening permit Award recognized the quality of China's top ten brands
 TOKA(特高)商标注册证书-汇通机电  进口机头授权证书-汇通机电  对外贸易经营备案登记证书-汇通机电
TOKA (extra high) Trademark Registration Certificate  Import the certificate authority head  Certificate of registration of foreign trade operators
 香港工业奖-汇通机电  法国名油证书-汇通机电  进出口贸易权证书-汇通机电
Hong Kong Awards for Industry French oil certificate name Import and export trade certificate
 2010-2011诚信通会员证书-汇通机电  2009-2010诚信通会员证书-汇通机电  2007-2008诚信通会员证书-汇通机电
  2010-2011 TrustPass membership certificate  2009-2010TrustPass membership certificate   2007-2008TrustPass membership certificate


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