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Functional description:

Marketing Department: Responsible for market development, business development marketing plan.
marketing business team.
regional operations team.
Dongguan office.
Huizhou office.
Hunan office.
Zhejiang office.
 Technical Service Engineering Department: Responsible for project implementation of the program, costs.
  R & D team: responsible for product development of cutting-edge technology applications.
Project Team: Provide pre-sales application support, project implementation, after-sales technical support.
electrical engineering group: responsible for the installation of electrical engineering, production, testing, responsible for sheet metal production, site installation, implementation of the project.
Maintenance Team: Responsible for maintenance and service work.


Finance Department: Responsible for financial matters.
  Tax Group.
settlement group and financial reports.


 Administration Department: Responsible for administrative matters.
  procurement group.
logistics group.
human resources and functions of the group.
storage group.


Contract Enforcement:  
  responsible for contract risk assessment and related legal proceedings.
responsible for the contract signed by the ministries of foreign statistics submitted to the Enforcement Division review of the contract, signed opinions to General Manager's Office for approval.
arrange direct installation of other functional departments, functional departments of filing notice of complete contract matters.

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