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The brand advantage of TOKA screw air compressor


A, TOKA ® (ultra-high) core technology - starting from the imagination of the world stage aspect
     When you use TOKA ® air compressor, you must have cost him a satisfactory result, you will find that your choice is the most reasonable and most intelligent.

1, sealing engagement with the innovation
     Optimize the bottom-type twin-screw rotor meshing with the exact line of sealed rotor meshing process solve the leakage of oil and gas mixture to improve volumetric efficiency but also reduces the fuel-air mixture from the high-pressure chamber leading to the low-pressure chamber when the compressed air flow generated noise.

 2, tooth root shape innovation
     Rotor tooth root shape is affecting the efficiency of gas production a key factor to solve the problem of substance lies in the active and passive parts of the rotor tooth root forms of technological innovation, TOKA ® (ultra-high) rotating through the computer software of the tangent innovation historic leap. It is this wisdom so TOKA ® core technology has been far ahead.


3, length: diameter of innovation
     Optimize the twin-screw rotor length: diameter ratio, by shortening the distance between two end bearings to improve the overall rigidity of the rotor to high pressure in the higher volumetric efficiency and significantly reduce the radial tremor, reduced mechanical noise and prolong life.

 4, the shaft from the innovation
     Increase the effective cross-sectional area and the rotor active and passive shaft distance, so that the rotor area of ​​the highest utilization factor for the installation of larger diameter bearings set aside enough space, the fundamental solution of the screw air compressor to run a number of years bearing wear after the failure factors.


5, TOKA ®-type line six to eight preview

 TOKA ® (ultra-high) never-ending pursuit of excellence, technology innovation is reflected wisdom of character!
 And a product ahead of its time - TOKA ® 6:8-type twin-screw rotor upcoming line.


Second, the twin-screw air compressor workflow



Third, the highlight differences in value creation

 Unique fusion of high-quality components designed to create what they seem the perfect product to express the true meaning of value for money.

 1 brand

        Ultra-high output air compressor and market share over the years has been made ​​according to the first air compressor products are imported spare parts (80%) assembly. Its superior performance and good quality to win the praise of many customers, TOKA ® air compressor won the 2007 China top ten brands of quality.

 2, Compressor

        Optimized line using an upgraded version of the compressor host, without downtime and rotor life largely depends on the life of bearings, compressor bearings particularly high for the company for the SKF bearing company matching, longer bearing life than the general 20 %. Ensure that the core compressor reliability and durability.

 3 precision, low noise
    Mechanical equipment noise is an important indicator of overall performance, but also environmental protection will reach targets. Air Compressor moving parts particularly high level of design and machining of high precision, good material, shock, vibration, long rotor life. If TK37 noise only 70 dB.

 4, advanced computer-controlled
    Ultra-high compressor control computer, humane Chinese / English display control interface, and powerful, with control, detection points, large-screen display (four rows of data), automatic, field programmable and easy to man-machine dialogue, etc., All digital Yuan Yuan style even order display, and automatic debugging capability (automatic protection, automatic alarm) and automatic recording, centralized control, remote control functions and easy management.

 5, automatically adjust the intake valve ----- efficient way to regulate loading and unloading

 TOKA ® uses a full load / no load adjustment method. Compared with the stream into the integrity, efficiency of this adjustment method better, more energy savings. This is because the forward throttling mode, the host of the pressure ratio increases, the bearing load increases. No-load, TOKA ® compressor power consumption is only about 15% of full load. In addition, the computer control system of the pressure adjustment range is 0.1-1.5bar, when set to 0.1bar, the compressor output pressure can be said to be constant.




 6, the compressor motor (motor), electrical components configured high
   Particularly high degree of protection for the compressor used IP55, insulation class F of the Sino-German joint venture motor, than other brands of motor IP23, dust-proof, waterproof and two were three levels of high-grade motor waterproof, dust-poor causes the motor to overload, fever, or even greatly increased risk of burning. All electrical control part consists of Y-△ starter are used in Germany, local production of Schneider products to ensure the accuracy of start times to increase the control of high reliability.
 7, the unique design of the automatic belt tensioning device
  1) automatically adjust belt tightness 2) to reduce maintenance times 3) to improve transmission efficiency

 8, flexible coupling

   Reduced from the shutdown, loading and unloading of the shock and vibration and is designed to set the cooling fan coupling, an increase coupling life



9, safety & eye-catching logo design
   Unique design of transmission components completely isolated unit, to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.
 10, AGMA13 stage gear box
   Ultra-high air compressor gearbox AGMA13 manufacturing standards, is the highest international level (with Airbus on the gearbox), to ensure that this growth in the gearbox will not be damaged under any operating conditions, and general screw compression gearbox uses AGMA11 manufacturing standards, ultra-high two levels below.

 11, Cooling System: Wind concentration, a significant cooling effect.
   The new type of cooling fan blades match the specific point of view, the combination of a closed cooling system architecture, breakthrough energy saving cooling system 2-3 times, while reducing noise, 2-3db (A).
 12, the flange is not easy to leak
   Ultra-high compressor internal piping connections used by the American Automobile Manufacturers Association standards for the most effective seal of the pipe connection parts will not only facilitate the demolition, but more important is oil will not leak.



 13, less oil consumption and low cost operation
   Oil-injected screw compressors important economic indicator is the amount of lubricating, oil's role in addition to a lubricant between the screw rotor, another very important role is to take away the heat generated by compression. The more heat generated, the more oil needed, lower compressor efficiency.
 14, oil and gas separation devices, TOKA ® cooling oil
   Patented double-pleated skirt type oil and gas separation filter and spin collision coarse separation block composed of the best gas tank gas separation devices, semi-synthetic special oil-cooled, in line with MSDSISO 14001 environmental standards for special cooling oil, its fine resistance to high temperature and anti-oxidant properties to match with the compressed air, a larger temperature difference in the state reflects its excellent cooling and lubrication, oil and gas separation to ensure the quality and extend the service life of mechanical parts. To reduce the oil content of the exhaust 2-3PPM. 




Fourth, a new concept power units
   With the rapid economic development, market demand for increasingly high-power air compressor, a significant portion of the user or due to supply difficulties due to the cooling water to be softened headache, especially in mining and other highland areas, and therefore, air-cooled frequency high-power unit favored. Before, although there are similar air-cooled units to the market, but are due to the use of the axial fan cooling system, its power consumption is greater and the cooling effect has been unsatisfactory, often when the summer heat comes down, serious affect the user's production operations.
   Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hui Tong calls to respond quickly to market, the exclusive reference to match the latest centrifugal fan aluminum plate-fin cooler, combined into a separate closed cooling system structure, completely overcome the cooling effect of high-power air compressor does not good problem, not only save cooling power consumption 65% (250KW compressor cooling power only 7.5KW), and a significant reduction in airflow noise of 6-8db (A).
   The cooling principle is: the machine through the internal centrifugal extract fan on the cold air outside the plate-fin cooler heat transfer area for cooling, after cooling exhaust hot air upward through the air vents, the pressure steady, uniform heat dissipation area is fully utilized, thus the cooling effect is excellent.
   Structure which is the industry's first, is another company Huitong thinking beyond the traditional design of the new results, which fully reflects Huitong Company | "outstanding product differentiation, value creation era," the essence of the concept.
   Huitong development of centrifugal air-cooled technology for more than 250KW cooling system products, to achieve new breakthroughs in high-power air compressor air-cooled technology.






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