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Inverter Screw air Compressors

Serious waste of energy for the air compressor industry, energy demand urgent situation, the company through in-depth study, combined with the V5-K air compressor inverter, the introduction of a complete air compressor frequency control solutions.

First, why should frequency - the traditional problem of air compressor:
1, the energy wasted:
the traditional unloading type compressor, energy is wasted in
1) load power consumption: the pressure to achieve the required working pressure, the traditional control methods to determine its pressure will continue to rise until the unloading pressure. In the pressurized process, will generate more heat and noise, resulting in power loss. On the other hand, high pressure gas before entering the pneumatic components, the pressure to go through decompression valve, this same energy-consuming process.
2) unloading the consumption of energy: when to unload pressure, compressor unloading valve opens automatically, the motor idling, resulting in a serious waste of energy. Unloading the air compressor power consumption at full load about 30% to 50%, showing significant energy savings conventional compressor room.
2, a large inrush current frequency: Although the main motor decompression using Y-△ starter, but the starting current is still large impact on power, could easily lead grid instability and threats to the safe operation of other electrical equipment. For since the power plant, several times the rated current impact, may lead to other equipment malfunction.
3, pressure instability, degree of automation at the end: the low degree of automation of traditional air compressor output pressure regulation relies on the loading and unloading valves, valve control to be achieved, adjust the slow and volatile, low precision, the output pressure is not stable.
4, large amount of equipment maintenance: air compressor frequency starting current, up to 5 to 8 times rated current, work must determine the repeated action of loading and unloading valves, parts easy to aging, high-frequency operation, bearing wear and equipment maintenance large.
5, noise: continuous high-frequency operation, more than the required working pressure of the additional pressure, repeated loading, unloading, are a direct result of running frequency noise.
Second, the inverter compressor advantages:
Energy conservation principle: frequency control system to control the output pressure as a target, by the inverter, pressure sensors and motor closed loop constant pressure control system, control panel working pressure value can be set directly by the pressure sensor to detect the site, converted into 4 ~ 20mA current feedback signal to the drive, the drive through the built-in PID calculation to compare to adjust its output frequency, constant voltage supply to the air compressor and energy saving purposes. Its advantages in:
1, the starting current, no impact on the grid: The drive motor can start, loading the current gentle rise, there is no impact; can motor with soft-stop, to avoid the harm caused by anti-generated current, will help to extend equipment life;
2, the output pressure stability: the use of variable frequency control system, real-time monitoring of gas pipeline in the gas pressure, the gas pipeline to supply constant pressure to improve production efficiency and product quality;
3, a small amount of maintenance equipment: air compressor frequency starting current is small, less than 2 times the rated current, loading and unloading valves without repeated moves, frequency compressor motor speed automatically adjusted according to gas consumption, operating frequency is low, slow speed, bearing wear small, extend equipment life, maintenance quantity is small.
4, low noise: frequency according to need gas for energy, not much energy loss, the motor is running low frequency mechanical noise, so turn smaller, because the frequency conversion to adjust the motor speed way, not repeated loading, unloading, plus frequent Uninstall the noise is not, and continued pressure, pressure instability noise disappeared. In short, using constant pressure control system, not only can save a considerable amount of electricity costs, extend the life of the compressor, but also to achieve the purpose of constant pressure air supply, improve production efficiency and product quality.
Third, the frequency converter design
Air compressor for the internal structure of different brands, there are differences such as installation location, we prepared two sets of solutions to meet the reconstruction needs of different users.
1, control cabinet separate solutions: This is a common solution for all of the air compressor, you can use this separate control cabinet solutions. We will offer an independent frequency conversion control cabinet, built-in frequency converter required for all components, including the inverter, control panel, AC contactor, control buttons, and so on. Transformation of air compressor, just to the user the original air compressor system main circuit and control circuit signals, received the corresponding terminals on the control cabinet to complete the renovation project for the air compressor frequency. This process does not require the internal structure of the original air compressor to make any changes to transform the convenient, but also to facilitate future maintenance and repair.
Its structure is shown below:


2, built-in-one solution: for some larger space within the compressor, or the user of the installation site are special occasions, we can also use the built-in integrated solutions. First, according to the actual needs of the user, matching the right V5-K air compressor inverter, and configure the appropriate AC contactor, pressure sensors and other devices. Then the inverter and control panel and other devices installed size of the original pieces of structural transformation of the air compressor tank, so that the various components can be perfectly integrated into the compressor as a whole were to go. Finally, the control circuit connections, to achieve the compressor frequency control.
 Its structure is shown below:



Fourth, the frequency transformation of investment-benefit analysis
Saving calculation example: Example of a 37KW air compressor, the average gas production accounted for only 70% of the rated displacement, running 4000 hours a year, 0.7 yuan / kWh, compared to more air compressor with variable frequency power costs:
A, no-load power consumption: 30% of unloading time × unloading load loss arising from (45% × 37KW / hour) × 4000 hours / year × 0.7 yuan / kWh = 14,000 yuan / year
B, power pressure: 0.2Mpa 70% higher than the pressure load time loss (14% × 37KW / hour) × 4000 hours / year × 0.7 yuan / kWh = 10,150 yuan / year
Total costs more power: 14000 +10150 = 24,150 yuan / year
Run 4000 hours a year, the average load 70%, saving the results directly to:

Motor Power(KW)
Energy Rate (Yuan/year)

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