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Air compressor terminology
Screw Air Compressor
The full name of the air compressor air compressor; according to twin-screw (also known as yin and yang of the rotor) turning the volume of gases changes the design of the machine works, it can go through natural air intake process is completed within a few work, and ultimately discharged meet the requirements of the compressed air pressure, the machine that the screw air compressor.
Working pressure air compressor
Many forms of pressure units, which introduces the screw air compressor, said common pressure units;
① working pressure, discharge pressure often called domestic users. Working pressure is the highest pressure compressor discharge gas;
② common working pressure units: bar or Mpa, 1 bar = 0.1 Mpa;
③ general, users usually referred to as the pressure unit: Kg (kilograms), 1 bar = 1 Kg, 1 Mpa = 10 Kg.
Compressor volume flow
① volumetric flow, often referred to exhaust domestic users. Volume flow is required in the exhaust pressure, compressor discharge per unit time of gas volume, converted to state the amount of intake.
② volume flow units: m3/min (cubic meters / minute) or L / min (L / min), 1m3 (cubic) = 1000L (L);
③ general, commonly used in flow units: m3/min (cubic meters / minute);
④ volume of traffic in China is also known as displacement or plate flow.
Air compressor power
① general, air compressor power is matched by the drive motor or diesel engine nameplate power;
② power unit: KW (kilowatts) or HP (hp / hp), 1HP = 0.75KW, 1KW ≈ 1.333HP
Air Compressor Selection Guide
Working pressure (discharge pressure) of the selection:
When the user is ready to buy air compressor, the first gas-side to determine the required working pressure, coupled with 1-2 bar of the margins, and then select the air compressor pressure (the margin is considered from the air compressor installation location to the actual gas side pressure loss from the pipeline, according to the length of the distance between the 1-2 bar pressure on margins due consideration). Of course, the pipe diameter the size and number also affect the turning point of the pressure loss factor, the larger diameter pipe and the turning point less, the pressure loss is smaller; the contrary, the greater the pressure loss.
Therefore, when the gas compressor and the distance between the far end of the pipeline, should be appropriate to enlarge the diameter in charge of road. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements and compressor conditions permitting, in the nearby gas terminal installation.
Volume of traffic shaping:
① volume flow in the choice of air compressor, you should first understand all of the gas volume flow of equipment, the flow rate multiplied by the total number of 1.2 (ie 20% margin to enlarge);
② can institute a new project launched to provide the flow value selection;
③ gas equipment suppliers to understand the users of gas volume flow parameters of the equipment selection;
④ compressor stations can transform the original reference with the actual parameter value selection with the gas situation
Appropriate selection, and air compressor equipment for the users themselves beneficial, oversized waste, air compressor selection is too small may cause long-term loading state, or not enough gas pressure to play or can not get such problems.
Power and working pressure, the relationship between volume flow
In the case of constant power, when the speed changes, the volume flow and pressure changes accordingly; example: a 22KW compressor, working at the time of manufacture to determine the pressure 7bar, calculated based on compressor technology curve host speed, displacement of 3.8 m3/min; when determining the working pressure of 8bar, the speed must be reduced (or drive motor overload), this time, the displacement of 3.6 m3/min; because the speed is reduced, the exhaust also accordingly reduced, and so on.
Power of selection is to meet the working conditions of pressure and volume flow, the power supply capacity to meet the matching of the drive motor power can be used.
Therefore, the optional air compressor steps are: first, to determine the working pressure, and then set the appropriate volume of traffic, and finally the power supply capacity.

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