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Optional Air Purification Equipment

First, the role of compressed air purification equipment
In short, compressed air purification equipment that can handle compressed air purification equipment, also known as compressed air treatment equipment.
Compressor discharge air with relative humidity of water, small amounts of impurities and traces of oil; compressed air applications is very broad, when theapplication process for air quality when requested, you must configure the compressed air purification equipment; so , the application process should be based on the requirements of reasonable matching purification equipment.

Second, the common types of compressed air purification equipment and the role of

Purification equipment is commonly used: gas tank, dryer (refrigeration and adsorption), filters, three.

1, tank

① gas tank of the type that, for example: C-0.3 / 8
"C", said gas tank; "0.3" means that volume of 0.3 m3 (cubic);
"8" indicates the highest to work under pressure of 8 bar.
② the role of Tank:
A. Storage of compressed air;
B. Buffer pressure, compressor discharge air pressure due to certain fluctuations, the installation of the gas tank, we could use the gas side of thecompressed air pressure is more stable;
C. Pre-addition of water, some water vapor in the air compressed by the compressor has been formed liquid droplets, these droplets through the gas tankwill be deposited in the gas tank in most of the bottom of a sewage tank bottom valve can be manually or automatically discharged.
③ commonly used tank models:
0.3 m3 0.6 m3 1.0 m3 1.5 m3 2.0 m3
④ the matching tank:
Optional tank pressure should be consistent with the work pressure air compressor, air compressor volume about the size of the volume flow / 5-1/10; environmental conditions
Permitting a large volume of the gas tank can choose to help save more than the pre-compressed air and better water.
Common screw air compressor with tank match the
7.5-15HP with 0.3 m3 20-30HP with 0.6 m3
40-60HP with 1.0 m3 75HP (or more) with 2.0 m3 0.3 m3 for piston machines more, 1.5 m3 less use, but depending on the specific customer requirements need to be.
⑤ common brand: Shanghai Fengxian (Shenjiang card), Shanghai Shenjiang Factory, Fujian macro level, Guangzhou brand, the company sells Fujian Heng card.
2, dryer
Dryer is divided into: refrigeration, adsorption (also called non-thermal regenerative), micro-combined heating and other types; commonly used is the refrigeration dryer.
① freeze dryer model that, for example: GD-50HP
"GD" La Table European brand refrigeration dryer;
"50HP" said the compressor with the size of;
In addition the company also sells high Dahl brand dryer.
Please click on: Dryers parameters
② refrigeration dryer role:
Because compressed air contains moisture 100% relative humidity, with its cooling pipes, water will precipitate, and thus to bring many drawbacks of gas equipment. Refrigeration dryer is the use of compressed air forced cooling refrigeration technology to the required dew point temperature (2-10 ℃), which will contain water vapor which condenses into droplets, the drain from the plane of the drying equipment.
③ freeze dryer specifications Option:
Matching capacity with the volume of traffic close to the air compressor, air compressor work stress and work under great pressure to, for example: 30HP to 30HP Screw Air Compressor with dryer.
In some industries with high air quality requirements, in addition to optional freeze dryers, adsorption dryers, or be combined matching dryer.
3, adsorption, micro-combined heating and the role and matching dryer
① adsorption dryer is quoted PSA principle, the use of twin tank structure, tower tank equipped with a number of the amount of desiccant (alumina), when the compressed air into the tower tank in contact with the desiccant, the use of pressure swing adsorption principle Dried compressed air, dew point temperature can reach -40 below.
② adsorption dryers and refrigeration dryer specifications matching the specifications with appropriate matching

.4, precision filter
① precision filter models that, for example: OJL 060 **
"OJL" said Ojha filter brand precision filter;
"060" indicated that the treatment flow (clean flow) to 6.0 m3/min (cubic meters / minute);
"**" Indicates that filtration levels; (filtration grade below)

Grade Q  level P level S level C level
Effect Pre-precision filter Mid-precision filter Rear precision filter Ultra-precision filter
Material Imported glass fiber Imported glass fiber Imported glass fiber Activated carbon and glass fiber imports
Size 3μm 1μm 0.1μm 0.01μm
Residual oil 3 ppm 1 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.01 ppm

② precise role of the filter
In addition to compressed air contains moisture, there are oil, dust and a variety of odor components, using physical methods to remove these air pollutants,filtration devices called filters.

A. Gas filter dust particles:
Under the specified experimental conditions the solid particles through the filter of maximum diameter, with um (microns), said;
B. The amount of gas oil filter:
Unit volume of air contained in the oil (including oil droplets, suspended particles, oil vapor) the quality of conversion to the absolute pressure 1bar,temperature 20 ℃ and relative humidity of 65% of the value of standard atmospheric conditions. Compressed air through the filter of residual oil content in ppm, said, 1ppm ≈ 1.2 mg / m3 (mg / cubic);
③ matching filter
Matching the filter order must be progressively increased level of filtering accuracy, filtering can not be skipped in front of the class of directly matching the filter back level, for example: Q must be installed level (before filtering) in order to re-install P level (after the filter ), then S-class (fine filter), C-level (activated carbon odor filter), filter sterilization, in this order;
Traffic matching the filter and air compressor volume flow can be considerable.
Precision filter of the match:
1, shell: 015 060 090 120 150 240, etc.;
2, filter: 007 015 024 035 060 090 120 240 and so on.
Configuration: 015 filter housing with 007,015
060 filter housing with 024,035,060
090 090 filter housing with
120 shell with a 120 filter, etc.

Model Process air volume(m³/min) Caliber Maximum pressure(kg) Match the compressor机(HP)
015 1.5 3/4" 16 10
024 2.4 1-1/2" 20
035 3.5 30
060 6.0 50
090 9.0 2" 75
120 12.0 100
150 15.0 125


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