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Compressor Stations Installed

1, install the selected

Compressor installation location is to be selected by the negligence of the staff, often after a random find a place to purchase the air compressor, piping immediately after use, there is no advance planning. Little do they know that the result of sloppy, but after the formation of a compressor failure, maintenance problems and other consequences of poor air quality, so proper installation location is the proper use of air compressor systems prerequisites:

(1) Choose good lighting wide place in order to facilitate operations, maintenance and repair required space and lighting.

(2) Select the air humidity is low, less dust, ventilation, fresh air and good locations to avoid fog, mist, mist, dust and more

  Multi-fiber environment.

(3) When the cooling unit compressor suction or suction outlet located in the indoor air when the indoor temperature should not exceed 40 ℃.

(4) If the factory environment, poor, dusty, pre-filter should be installed equipment to ensure the air compressor system parts of life.

(5) When a single displacement equal to or greater than 20m3/min, and the total installed capacity equal to or greater than 60 m3/min of compressed air station, inspection should be established

   Repair with lifting equipment, lifting capacity of its most important components of air compressor should be determined.

(6) set aside channel space and maintenance, air compressor and the wall displacement between the channel width by the size of 0.8 ~ 1.5m distance.

2, the compressed air line piping should pay attention

         (1) Head Road, piping, the piping shall be 1 ° ~ 2 ° of tilt, in order to facilitate the discharge of condensed water pipe, as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 shows.




(2) with the piping pressure drop shall not exceed 5% of the pressure air compressor, so the best choice when piping larger than the design value of the pipeline.

  (3) feeder line must be connected from the top of the head of the road, in charge of road to avoid the condensation of water downstream machinery to work or return to the air compressor.

(4) Do not arbitrarily reduce or enlarge the pipeline, the pipeline required to use the tapered tube, shown in Figure 2. If not using the tapered tube, there will be spoilers in the joints produced to generate turbulence will result in large pressure drop, while the life of the pipeline are also adversely affected.

(5) If after the gas tank and air compressor dryers and other cleaning buffer devices, the ideal order should be piping gas tank + compressor + dryer. Gas tank can be part of the condensed water filter, but also reduce the gas temperature function. The lower temperature and less moisture into the air and then drying machine, drying machine can reduce the load.

(6) If a large amount of air used and the time is very short, the best fitted an extra tank for use as a buffer, thus reducing the compressor load increases the number of leaks, have a great life on the air compressor benefits.

(7) minimize the use of elbow pipe and various valves.

(8) the piping is in charge of the ideal line around the entire plant, so you can get at any location can be both the compressed air. Such as the sudden increase in gas consumption in a branch, you can reduce the pressure drop. In addition, the circular line charge of the appropriate valve should be configured to facilitate maintenance when cutting purposes.

(9) Multiple output channels in parallel network of air compressor, the compressor output without installing the check valve.

3, compressor base

Compressor should be established on the basis of hard soil, before they are installed based smooth horizontal plane, in order to avoid vibrations. If installed in the upstairs, to be good anti-vibration measures, or vibration transmitted to downstairs or resonance phenomenon, and the building can easily cause harm to the air compressor. General screw compressor vibration velocity values ​​11.2mm / s (belt drive) and 7.1 mm / s (Drive coupling) below, you can not do a special basis, the proposed assemble a height of about 120mm, length and width slightly larger than the compressor at the end of the platform at the foundation area, to facilitate the discharge.

4, the cooling system

When there is softened water can be used within the enterprise, and the system is reasonable and economical, the system of circulating water can be softened. Mainly to avoid the water calcium and magnesium ions in the cooler temperatures in the sky due to chemical reaction, the final form in the cooler in the scale, thus affecting the cooling efficiency of the cooler. Cooling water pressure is generally between 0.15 ~ 0.4MPa, cooling water outlet temperature should be maintained at greater than the inlet temperature between 6 ℃ ~ 10 ℃. The cooling water inlet pipe should be installed filter, and out of the water pipes to be installed separately gauge, thermometer and globe valves.

Air-cooled air compressor should be noted that the ventilation, air compressor must not be placed near heat or mechanical ventilation of enclosed space, so as not to cause the exhaust temperature and shut down. If placed in an enclosed space used to be installed into, ventilation equipment, air intakes in the lower part of the engine room, engine room air vents in the upper part of the benefit of cold air circulation. In general, the feed, air compressor exhaust air volume must be greater than the amount of exhaust heat.

5, power system

Air compressor power distribution, they should ensure the correctness of the supply voltage.

Power based on the size of air compressor used to select the correct power cord diameter, shall not use the small power cord, power cord or the load is too high due to high temperature and burning. Power cable shall be multi-strand copper cable, three-phase four-wire system in which one phase is the ground wire.

Best use of a separate air compressor power system, in particular, to avoid large power consumption and other systems used in parallel, or may be due to excessive voltage drop or three-phase current imbalance, which leads to the main air compressor and motor overload shutdown , high-power air compressor should pay particular attention. Network load should be uniform and supply voltage fluctuations within ± 5% in the three-phase voltage unbalance allowed ± 1%. Distribution cabinet to the middle of the air compressor supply cable can not have a connection point.

Based on the size of the air compressor to select the appropriate air power switch to maintain power system security and maintenance.

Power system grounding wire should ensure that set up, but not directly connected to the grounding line of compressed air pipes or cooling water pipes.

6, Appendix

1kW equivalent to 2 amps rated current, 1 mm2 copper wire can be 4 to 6 amps of current.

Common wire (rubber, copper wire) Specifications (cores × cross-section mm2 + cores × cross-section mm2)

3 × 10 +1 × 6,3 × 16 +1 × 10,3 × 25 +1 × 10,3 × 35 +1 × 10

3 × 50 +1 × 16,3 × 70 +1 × 25,3 × 95 +1 × 35

380V low voltage transformer bearing capacity is 3 times the rated motor capacity, supporting high-voltage 6000V transformer capacity is 2 times the rated motor capacity.

      Economic flow pipeline

7, the nose temperature

Head normal temperature = ambient temperature (room temperature) +60 ℃

8, electrical periodic inspection

1% if three-phase voltage imbalance can cause changes in the current more than 10%, 3.5% three-phase voltage imbalance will cause

Increase motor temperature 25 ℃

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