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Common Is mad the station introduced

A typical TOKA ® air compressor gas station system configuration - make your production worries!

Configuration instructions
As shown above a typical compressor station configurations for most industries, when the compressed air output into the tank, the first through (Q class) before the filter and then into the dryer to remove moisture in the air, and then through (P level) after the filter, the quality of compressed air: dust particle size ≤ 1um, oil content ≤ 0.1ppm. If the matched equipment (S Class) fine filter, air quality up to: dust particle size ≤ 0.01um, oil content ≤ 0.01ppm.
Less demanding on the air quality in some sectors, such as: mining, mining, power plant coal transport, ferrous metal casting and other general power gas users, can only increase with the gas tank. However, in some food, medicine, precision electronics, such as spraying on air quality particularly demanding industry can increase the actual situation with the C-level filters.

Two, TOKA ® air compressor compressed air system - your choice for the production of power!

Configuration instructions

Adsorption dryer is the use of adsorbents (activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieve) to reduce the absorption characteristics of water in the moisture content of compressed air, in general, the tone of the dew point can be resorted to -40 degrees.
How it works: Adsorption dryer pressure changes by ¨ ¨ (pressure swing adsorption principle) to achieve a drying effect. Ability to hold water vapor as the air pressure and inversely proportional to the dry part of the air (known as the regeneration gas) decompression expansion to atmospheric pressure, this expansion of air pressure change to become more dry, and then let it flow through the air is not turned on the need to regenerate the desiccant layer (ie absorbing adequate moisture drying tower), dry desiccant regeneration gas in the water sucked out, brought out the dryer to achieve dehumidification purposes. Two towers cycle work, no heat source, a continuous gas to users of compressed air drying system.
Application sectors: high-voltage insulation, and dry powder storage and transportation, advanced painting, medicine, food processing, beer brewing, chemical fiber, film, film making, electronics, printing, precision control instruments, aviation and aerospace industries.

Three, TOKA ® air compressor heat recovery system - your first choice for energy!

Configuration instructions

    We are professional service providers TOKA screw compressor, air compressor with a more comprehensive understanding and professional skills. Our TOKA screw air compressor waste heat recovery system, full use of screw air compressor waste heat generated, we use years of experience in air compressor service, development, production of a waste heat recovery device, the device does not then consume oil, gas, electricity and other energy, for screw air compressor high temperature and pressure generated by the compressor oil cooling, not only can improve the efficiency of air compressor gas, but also enable enterprises to obtain production and life hot water, winter can reach ≥ 50 ℃, the maximum temperature ≥ 70 ℃, in order to address the payment of employee benefits business because hot water to the enterprise's operating costs, bring direct economic benefits for the enterprise. As the compressor is commonly used in production equipment, heat recovery air compressor to do, whether it is from the current or long-term perspective, the use of screw air compressor waste heat recovery unit will be your wise choice.

Four, TOKA ® screw-type compressor control system - to increase your production efficiency!

Configuration instructions:

Energy conservation principle: frequency control system to control the output pressure as a target, by the inverter, pressure sensors and motor closed loop constant pressure control system, control panel working pressure value can be set directly by the pressure sensor to detect the site, converted into 4 ~ 20mA current feedback signal to the drive, the drive through the built-in PID calculation to compare to adjust its output frequency, constant voltage supply to the air compressor and energy saving purposes. Its advantages in:
1, the starting current, no impact on the grid: The drive motor can start, loading the current gentle rise, there is no impact; can motor with soft-stop, to avoid the harm caused by anti-generated current, will help to extend equipment life;
2, the output pressure stability: the use of variable frequency control system, real-time monitoring of gas pipeline in the gas pressure, the gas pipeline to supply constant pressure to improve production efficiency and product quality;
3, a small amount of maintenance equipment: air compressor frequency starting current is small, less than 2 times the rated current, loading and unloading valves without repeated moves, frequency compressor motor speed automatically adjusted according to gas consumption, operating frequency is low, slow speed, bearing wear small, extend equipment life, maintenance quantity is small.
4, low noise: frequency according to need gas for energy, not much energy loss, the motor is running low frequency mechanical noise, so turn smaller, because the frequency conversion to adjust the motor speed way, not repeated loading, unloading, plus frequent uninstall the noise is not, and continued pressure, pressure instability noise disappeared. In short, using constant pressure control system, not only can save a considerable amount of electricity costs, extend the life of the compressor, but also to achieve the purpose of constant pressure air supply, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Five, TOKA ® air compressor nitrogen oxygen system - the production process of your choice!

Configuration instructions:

The use of oxygen
1, the metallurgical industry:
the steel-making process of blowing with high purity oxygen, and carbon and oxygen will be phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc. from the oxidation reaction, which not only reduces the carbon content of steel, but also help remove phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and other impurities. And the oxidation process produces enough heat to maintain the temperature required to process steel, so the oxygen will not only shorten the refining time, while improving the quality of steel. Blast furnace, increasing the concentration of oxygen in the blast tar ratio, to increase production. In non-ferrous metal smelting, refining the use of oxygen can also reduce the time to increase production.
2, the wastewater treatment: oxygen activated sludge aeration, pond aeration and ozone and ozone sterilization.
3, the ceramic industry: local plus oxygen, so that complete combustion and reduce exhaust, improve energy efficiency, energy saving.
4, the chemical industry: the production of ammonia, oxygen is mainly used for the oxidation of the feed gas, for example, high-temperature cracking of heavy oil, and coal gasification, in order to strengthen the process, improve fertilizer production.
5, the defense industry: Liquid oxygen is the best of modern rocket combustion in supersonic aircraft also need liquid oxygen as oxidizer, combustible material, after impregnation with a strong explosive liquid oxygen, liquid oxygen explosives can be made.
6 health care: hospital concentrated oxygen, high pressure tires, oxygen bar, oxygen therapy center.
7, ore processing: for the gold production process, can increase the rate of extraction of precious metals. In addition, the oxygen in the metal cutting and welding, it is also has a wide range of uses.


The use of nitrogen
1, the electronics industry:
the production of semiconductors and electronic components, nitrogen;
2, heat treatment: bright annealed, heat protection, powder metallurgy sintering and magnetic materials;
3, the food industry: the configuration sterilization filter, nitrogen can be used for packaging, food storage, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine packaging and preservation;
4, the coal industry: coal mine explosion and fire fighting;
5, the chemical industry: Nitrogen coverage, replacement, cleaning, pressure transport, chemical reaction stirred, chemical fiber production protection;
6, the oil industry: oil refining industry, containers and piping nitrogen purge and leak detection, nitrogen injection oil recovery;
7, the pharmaceutical industry: the Western nitrogen storage, drug delivery and other pneumatic material;
8, float glass: the gas production process, anti-oxidation of tin bath;
9, drink beer: process gas, preservation, storage;
10, land and sea transport: various chemical products, oil, natural gas liquids transportation and food nitrogen transport in the Preservation of vegetables;
11, Other Industry: metallurgy, plastics and rubber industry, electric lighting, industrial lighting, aerospace industry ... ...

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