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15HP Screw Air Compressor extra high cards
Power: 15HP/11KW
Displacement: 1.8m3/min
Discharge pressure: 8kg
Area: about 1 square
Weight: 215kg

A, TOKA ® screw-type air compressor Technical Data:




Working pressure




 Noise (dB)

Outlet Size (mm)

Unit Weight













 Two, TOKA ® Screw Compressors Product Features:

 1, excellent compressor hosts: line of the core components using optimized host compressor upgrade, configuration, heavy-duty high quality SKF bearings, to ensure that the core components of a compressor Excellent reliability and durability.
   2, high-efficiency motors: special bearings with SKF heavy-duty, low noise, long life.
   3, the unique automatic belt tensioning device design: automatically adjust the belt tension, reduce maintenance times and improve transmission efficiency.
   4, user-friendly Chinese / English display control interface: easy and intuitive, enabling the computer or a remote monitoring communication between the multiple linkage control air compressor, automatic protection, Automatic alarm function available, technology to achieve unattended operation.
   5, automatically adjust the intake valve: The ratio of 0-100% of the automatic adjustment of the intake control valve, working pressure and stable air compressor, saving energy.
   6, a specially designed air cooling system: a new type of cooling fan blades match the specific point of view, the combination of a closed cooling system structure, breaking the cooling system energy consumption Save 2-3 times, while reducing noise, 2-3db (A).
   7, to prevent leakage of the piping connection parts: The American Automobile Manufacturers Association standards by the most effective sealing pipe connection parts, to prevent pressure pipeline leak.
   8, the shock absorber design: the drive to increase the hidden parts of the shock absorber, greatly reducing the shock factor in the operation of air compressor, extending the life of the host And run more smoothly, in the same environment, the noise reduction 3-5dB (A)
   9, user-friendly design of safety reasons: high-speed transmission parts of the unique design of transmission components completely isolated unit, to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.
   10, high oil and gas separation equipment: double pleated type oil and gas separation filter and rotating the separation of crude oil and gas block collision tank composed of optimal gas separation devices, so that the exhaust  Oil content reduced to 2-3PPM.
   11, TOKA cooling oil: The MSDS comply with ISO 14001 environmental standards for special cooling oil, its excellent resistance to high temperature and anti-oxidant properties to match with the compressed air in a relatively Large temperature difference reflects the excellent state of the cooling and lubrication, oil and gas separation to ensure the quality and extend the service life of mechanical parts.

Three, TOKA ® used screw compressor configuration:

     TK-15HP + 15HP Screw machine dryer + 035Q-level filter + 0.3 m3 tank + 035P + 035S-level class filter filter

TOKA ® screw-type air compressor system configuration diagram

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