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KNA PSA Nitrogen Generator

How it works:
Ambitious clean KNA PSA nitrogen plant, according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, to a certain pressure, due to kinetic effects of oxygen in microporous carbon molecular sieve nitrogen in the diffusion rate is much greater than in adsorption equilibrium is not reached, oxygen was a lot of carbon molecular sieve adsorption, nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase divided, to separate oxygen and nitrogen. As the carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen is easy with the pressure difference between the two have significant differences, lower pressure, carbon molecular sieve can be desorption of oxygen molecules, so that the carbon molecular sieve regeneration cycle can be repeated use. Dry adsorption process using two towers, one tower of nitrogen adsorption capacity, a tower desorption regeneration, through the PLC program control pneumatic valves open and close, so that the two towers alternating cycle, continuous output of high-quality nitrogen.
Broad Product features:
★ imported pneumatic angle seat valve, life up to 200 million times.
★ imported PLC intelligent control, easy operation, stable operation.
★ reasonable internal components, air distribution, high-speed airflow to reduce the impact.
★ specific molecular sieve protection measures, to extend the life of the carbon molecular sieve.
★ nitrogen emptying automatic interlock devices to ensure the quality of the product nitrogen.
★ Nitrogen output: 5 ~ 2500Nm3 / h
★ Nitrogen purity: 95 ~ 99.999%
★ nitrogen pressure: 0 ~ 0.7MPa (providing 0.7 ~ 15MPa)
★ atmospheric dew point: ≤ -48 ℃
System flow chart:

Purification system Adsorption system Buffer system
Efficient degreasing, freeze dryers, air buffer tank Catalytic converter, adsorber valve controller Precision filter, nitrogen buffer tank venting devices, flow meters, nitrogen analyzer


Model Output(Nm³/h) Effective Consumption(Nm³/min) Air purification system Import and Export Path Remarks
KNA-5D 50 0.35 KB-0.5 DN15 DN15 Compressed air purification system and the overall nitrogen equipment installation
KNA-10D 10 0.7 KB-1 DN25 DN25
KNA-20D 20 1.4 KB-2 DN25 DN25
KNA-30D 30 2.1 KB-3 DN32 DN25
KNA-40D 40 2.8 KB-3 DN32 DN25
KNA-60D 60 4.2 KB-6 DN40 DN32 Compressed air purification system and split nitrogen equipment installation
KNA-80D 80 5.6 KB-6 DN40 DN40
KNA-100D 100 7 KB-8 DN50 DN40
KNA-120D 120 8.4 KB-10 DN50 DN40
KNA-150D 150 10.5 KB-12 DN50 DN40
KNA-200D 200 14 KB-16 DN65 DN50
KNA-300D 300 21 KB-26 DN80 DN50
KNA-400D 400 28 KB-30 DN80 DN65
KNA-600D 600 42 KB-50 DN100 DN65
KNA-800D 800 56 KB-60 DN125 DN65
KNA-1000D 1000 70 KB-70 DN125 DN65
KNA-1200D 1200 84 KB-90 DN150 DN80


Model Output(Nm³/h) Effective Consumption(Nm³/min) Air purification system Import and Export Path Remarks
KNA-5E 5 0.5 KB-0.5 DN15 DN15 Compressed air purification system and the overall nitrogen equipment installation
KNA-8E 8 0.8 KB-1 DN25 DN15
KNA-12E 12 1.2 KB-2 DN25 DN15
KNA-20E 20 2.0 KB-3 DN32 DN25
KNA-30E 30 3.0 KB-3 DN40 DN25 Compressed air purification system and split nitrogen equipment installation
KNA-40E 40 4.0 KB-6 DN40 DN25
KNA-60E 60 6.0 KB-6 DN50 DN32
KNA-80E 80 8.0 KB-8 DN50 DN40
KNA-100E 100 10 KB-10 DN65 DN40
KNA-120E 120 12 KB-12 DN65 DN40
KNA-140E 140 14 KB-16 DN65 DN50
KNA-160E 160 16 KB-16 DN80 DN50
KNA-180E 180 18 KB-20 DN80 DN50
KNA-200E 200 20 KB-20 DN80 DN50
KNA-250E 250 25 KB-26 DN100 DN50
KNA-300E 300 30 KB-30 DN100 DN50
KNA-350E 350 35 KB-40 DN125 DN50
KNA-400E 400 40 KB-40 DN125 DN65
KNA-450E 450 45 KB-50 DN125 DN65
KNA-500E 500 50 KB-52 DN125 DN80
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