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KOB PSA oxygen equipment after

Ambitious clean KOB PSA oxygen equipment, according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption using zeolite as the adsorbent, since zeolite selective adsorption properties, nitrogen is a large number of zeolite adsorption of oxygen in the gas phase is enriched, in the role of PSA to achieve nitrogen-oxygen separation. Adsorption process using two towers, one tower production of oxygen adsorption, a desorption tower regeneration, through the PLC program control pneumatic angle seat valves open and close, so that the two towers alternating cycle, continuous output of high quality oxygen.
Broad Product features
★ reliable imported pneumatic angle seat valve, the life of 200 million times.
★ imported PLC intelligent control, easy operation, stable operation.
★ reasonable internal components, air distribution, high-speed airflow to reduce the impact.
★ specific molecular sieve protection measures, to extend the life of zeolite.
★ oxygen emptying automatic interlock device, the oxygen to ensure product quality.
Technical Specifications
★ oxygen yield 3 ~ 150Nm3 / h
★ 90 ~ 94% oxygen purity
★ oxygen pressure 0 ~ 0.4MPa (providing 0.4 ~ 3.0MPa)
★ atmospheric dew point: ≤ -48 ℃
System Flow Chart

Purification system Adsorption system Buffer system
Efficient degreasing, freeze dryers, air buffer tank Catalytic converter, adsorber valve controller Precision filter, oxygen buffer tank, automatic venting devices, flow meters, oxygen analyzers, etc.

KOB oxygen unit Main technical parameters

Model O2 Output (Nm³/h) Effective Consumption (Nm³/min) Air purification system Import and Export Path
KOB-5 5 1 KB-1 DN25 DN15
KOB-10 10 2 KB-2 DN32 DN15
KOB-20 20 4 KB-6 DN40 DN20
KOB-40 40 8 KB-8 DN50 DN25
KOB-60 60 12 KB-12 DN50 DN32
KOB-80 80 16 KB-16 DN65 DN40
KOB-100 100 20 KB-20 DN65 DN50
KOB-150 150 30 KB-30 DN80 DN65
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